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Start your 2021 California CDL practice test now!

California CDL Practice Test

2021 California CDL practice test

Our FREE California CDL practice test 2021 is based on the California CDL manual to begin your future. If you are planning to do like haul movie sets to Anaheim, you’ll need a California commercial driver’s license (CDL). Prior to head over to the DMV, make sure you are aware of what you need. We’ve collected the California CDL practice test covering content for the 70 questions class A exam and CA CDL practice tests for additional endorsements like passenger and school buses, double/triple, tanker, hazardous, or air brake. These are all geared to look and give a taste of real things so there are no surprises once you sit in the DMV testing room. We always provide free California CDL practice tests for you, don’t hesitate to take it now!

California CDL FAQs

What is California CDL?

A commercial driver’s license (CDL) is a license issued in accordance with Federal Regulations that permit an individual to operate a commercial motor vehicle (CMV). Federal regulations require that all applicants be: 18 years or older to apply for a CDL to drive within California.

How much does it cost to get your CDL in California?

You have to earn your commercial driver's license (CDL) from the DMV of California before you can get a job working as a truck driver. Prior to earning your license, you must pass a written test. The application fee for this is $68 for Class A and Class B or $39 for Class C. 

How long does it take to get a CDL in California?

Normally, it takes about seven weeks to get your CDL (commercial driver's license) when attending a full-time driver training program but it will take a long time if you just attend a part-time course.

How many questions are on the CDL permit test in California?

In California, the driver has to complete 50 multiple-choice questions. To get the license, you must correctly answer at least 40 questions (80%). Your knowledge of traffic signs, signals, right-of-way rules, trucking laws, speed limits, vehicle inspection, and basic commercial vehicle safety will be tested to help you become a safer driver.

How to Apply for a California Commercial Driver License

A commercial driver's license (CDL) is a license issued in accordance with Federal Regulations that permit an individual to operate a commercial motor vehicle (CMV). Federal regulations require that all applicants be:

18 years or older to apply for a CDL to drive within California

21 years or older to apply for a CDL to drive outside California

Issued a Commercial Learner's Permit (CLP)

Besides,  applicants also need to:

  • Hold a CLP for a minimum of 14 days. The 14 day waiting period applies to classification upgrades and endorsement/restriction changes that require a skills test.
  • Call 1-800-777-0133 or make an appointment online for a commercial skills test.
  • Bring the type of vehicle(s) for the class you want to drive.
  • Pass the skills test (vehicle inspection, basic control skills, and the road test). If you fail any segment of the skills test, all other testings will be postponed and it will count as one failure towards the maximum three attempts you are allowed. A retest fee of $35 is due upon your return to take the subsequent test(s).

What Class of Vehicles Does the California CDL Program Pertain To?

California recognizes the following federal classes:

Class A: Allows you to drive any combination of vehicles that have a GVWR (gross vehicle weight rating) of 26,001 pounds or more.

Class B: Enables you to drive a single vehicle with a gross vehicle weight rating of 26,001 pounds or more, or any vehicle towing another that does not exceed the 10,000-pound GVWR limit.

Class C: Allows you to operate a vehicle that has hazardous materials. With an endorsement, you can drive a 16-passenger vehicle, which includes the driver.

The basic requirements for getting your CDL in California:

All applicants must be at least 18 years old to hold a California CDL and drive a commercial vehicle within the state of California.

The applicants must be at least age 21 to drive a commercial motor vehicle across California state lines, carry hazardous materials, or transport any passengers.

The applicants must not have more than one driver’s license, and their driving privileges must not be suspended, revoked, canceled, or disqualified in California or any other state.

The applicants must meet the medical requirements of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.

The applicants must pass a set of written exams to obtain your California Commercial Learner's Permit (CLP). You can study for these exams using our High Road CDL Training Program.

The applicants must prove citizenship in the state of California and have permission to work in the United States, showing legitimate personal identification which may include a Social Security Card, a Birth Certificate, or a Green Card

The applicants must certify that they are not subject to any of the CDL disqualifications for drivers (listed below)

The applicants must be able to speak and read the English language

Can I get my California driver's license online?

You can start your application for a DL online and complete the process at a DMV office. Besides, there is an application fee for original, renewal, and replacement DLs.

Before you begin:

  • Create a DMV online account (if you have never done so previously). If you have, log in to your DMV online account. 
  • Have your social security numbers handy and basic information such as name, address, and date of birth.
  • If you cannot complete the application in one sitting, don’t worry; you may log in to your DMV account and complete it later. (Applications are stored up to one year, and are only processed when you visit a DMV field office.)
  • You will need to visit a field office to finish the rest of the driver’s license/ID card application process after completing the application.

Can I transfer my CDL to California?

Yes, you must follow residency requirements to transfer your CDL to California:

- Age Requirement ( an applicant must be at least 18 years old)

- CDL Application (you must submit a completed and signed CDL application to a local DMV office, and pay the appropriate fees) 

- Background Check (because current CDL license was issued from another state, you must undergo a background check of his driving record)

- Medical Examination (you must submit a medical examination form that certifies he meets the medical standards required to drive a commercial vehicle)

- Required Tests (you must pass a vision test, which is given at the DMV office and also pass a written examination about California traffic laws and signs, and performance tests that demonstrate knowledge and skills to operate a commercial motor vehicle)

- Requirement for Hazardous Materials Endorsement (any commercial driver seeking a hazardous materials endorsement with his CDL must undergo a security threat assessment by the U.S. )

How do I renew my California CDL license online?

If you qualify and wish to renew by Internet, go to www.dmv.ca.gov.

Click on the Online Services (tab) and then choose Driver License Renewal and complete the instructions to renew your driver's license online.

Can I renew my California driver's license by mail?

If you already have a California DL, you can renew it in person at a DMV office, by mail, or online. It is illegal to drive with an expired DL and you can be cited.

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