hazmat endorsement study guide

CDL Hazmat Endorsement Study Guide (2024 Updated)

The purpose of this Hazmat endorsement study guide is to help you gain the necessary knowledge for the coming HazMat endorsement test, and suggest how to take the practice test in the most efficient way.

January 1, 2022

All drivers of Commercial Motor Vehicles (CMV) are required to earn a Commercial Driver License (CDL). Although HazMat endorsement is not actually mandatory for any CDL holders, you will definitely need it in the near future if you want to advance your career.

Performance on the CDL HazMat test can have a significant impact on professional commercial drivers’ income and careers

The purpose of this Hazmat endorsement study guide is to help you gain the necessary knowledge for the coming HazMat endorsement test, and suggest how to take the practice test in the most efficient way.

CDL HazMat Endorsement Test Overview

First, this HazMat endorsement study guide is designed to give you the best overview of the CDL HazMat endorsement test, in order to help you pass the test more easily. The CDL Hazardous Material Test is a test taken by commercial tank drivers in order to obtain their Hazardous Materials (HazMat) endorsement for their commercial driver’s license (CDL). This test is designed to ensure that hazardous materials are transported using the highest safety standards.

This endorsement allows their holders to transport materials that have been considered “hazardous” according to government regulations, including:

  • Gas.
  • Explosives.
  • Flammable or Combustible Liquids.
  • Any other materials that might cause harm.

Note: The format, length, and requirements of the CDL HazMat endorsement test may a little different according to the state where you live.

hazmat endorsement study guide
hazmat endorsement study guide


CDL Hazmat Requirements

Every kind of study guide for every test always provides requirements of the test for the applicants. HazMat endorsement study guide is not an exception.

Meeting all of the following requirements is the very first step to obtaining an H endorsement:

  • Must be 21 years of age or more.
  • Be a U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident.
  • Have held a valid commercial learner’s permit (CLP) and/or a temporary license or Employment Authorization Document to earn a hazardous material endorsement or a valid CDL.
  • Pass a HazMat knowledge exam.
  • Undergo a required Federal Security Threat Assessment (well-known as TSA: background check).

HazMat Endorsement Study Guide: Step for CDL Hazmat Application

Due to the safety implications of transporting hazardous materials, obtaining your CDL H endorsement is a detailed process including several steps before you can even qualify to test for it. 

There are also steps to be taken after the administration of the exam, so make sure to be thorough.

In addition, an indispensable part of every study guide is detailed and required step by step to apply, so you will need to complete the following, and each step is a process so be prepared.

Note: Be sure to complete these steps thoroughly and correctly. You will be required to submit original or certified copies of state-issued identification, social security card, or birth certificate. You also have to have your photograph and fingerprints taken and be on your way. You must have a criminal check as well. 

In addition, you have to pay around $30 – $40 for a HazMat endorsement and $87 for TSA. However, this price can be different depending on state charges and whether you need to obtain, update or renew.  

Step 1: Complete a “Hazardous Materials Endorsement” application. This can be complete either through your state’s DMV or TSA themselves, depending on which is required in your state.

Step 2: Once you have completed your endorsement application, then you must pass a medical screening. It is for obtaining your Department of Transportation Medical Card.

Step 3: Now, you may schedule a visit to your closest authorized application center and take your CDL hazmat test. (Note: passing this test is NOT the final step).

Step 4: Upon passing the CDL Hazmat test, you are then required to submit to a TSA Background Security Clearance. This is a requirement for your H Endorsement, which is also a requirement for all kinds of obtaining CDL hazmat endorsement, including adding, renewing, and transferring the endorsement. 

For the most part, you can register for this screening directly through the TSA website, unless you are one of the residents of the following states, which will need you to register through their DMV first: Florida, Kentucky, Maryland, Mississippi, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, Wisconsin

Step 5: Upon completion of the entire process, you have to wait for TSA to send an official notice of completion to you as well as your state. Once the state receives the copy, you will then obtain your hazmat endorsement

Remember that while the entire process in our HazMat Endorsement study guide is extensive, none of the efforts matter if you do not pass your CDL HAZMAT Endorsement Test. So, be sure to practice with reliable CDL prep resources.

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How Many Questions Are on The HazMat Endorsement Test?

The CDL Hazmat test is usually made up of 30 items of the total question, although this may differ depending on the state in which you live. Generally, to pass your CDL Hazmat test, you’ll need to receive a score of at least 80%. This score correlates to 24 correct answers or more.

These questions will test your knowledge on various aspects of safe transportation and handling of hazardous materials, including:

  • Reasons for the Regulations
  • Bulk Tank Marking, Loading, Unloading
  • Your Responsibilities as a Hazmat Driver
  • Driving and Parking Regulations
  • Rules Pertaining to Communications
  • Emergency Situations
  • Safe Loading and Unloading

Note: The HazMat endorsement test is the most difficult written test so far. The HazMat test is usually attempted last—after all other written tests are passed.

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CDL HazMat Test Score

You will not receive the actual score you earned on your HazMat test. You will only be notified of whether you did or did not pass your CDL hazmat endorsement test once you have completed all requirements.

Typically, most states require a passing score of 80% in order to grant a CDL hazmat endorsement (assuming completion of additional requirements). This means that individuals must have at least 24 correct answers on the typical 30 question test. 

CDL HazMat Practice Test 2024

It is important to learn from a study guide is to use the appropriate hazmat practice test for each endorsement as well as the CDL HazMat endorsement itself.

And we have to say our HazMat endorsement study guide is one of the most detailed ones and our FREE CDL prep tests, including questions for the Hazmat endorsement test, which are based on the official CDL manual that has been checked carefully by our most brilliant minds before publishing, would be very useful for you!

The HazMat Endorsement is extremely important because it relates to the safety of not only the driver but also every other driver on the road as well. Earning a CDL Hazmat endorsement ensures that you are fully qualified and prepared to deal with potential danger. This not only protects you but also the company you work for, as well as the general public should a situation arise.

In addition, a driver who does not have a hazmat endorsement on their CDL is severely limited in the items they might transport and might often miss out on employment opportunities as a result. You definitely do not want to see this happen. 

Our CDL Hazmat Practice Test pack features:

  • 300+ Hazmat practice questions that are divided into small parts to help you kill your boredom while learning
  • Dozens of Hazmat practice tests with the same format as the real tests
  • Available for all U.S. states
  • Available for all devices, from browser to mobile application version.

So, that’s the reason why this detailed HazMat endorsement study guide was made for you. It would definitely be useful for you. Click HERE to take our CDL Hazmat practice tests now to get 100% ready for your coming big day!

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