·This test will prepare you for the internal and external portions of the vehicle inspection exam, where you will be expected to be able to walk around your vehicle, touch items and explain to the examiner why items must be inspected before a trip.

List of questions
To check parking brake functionality, you will:
When inspecting buses, passenger seat frames should be free from damage and:
To test the service brake test you will need to have the trailer air supply valve in, parking brake in, and the hand brake released. How do you test the service brake?
Handrails and steps should be checked for?
The fuel and air tanks are checked for the same items except?
Tire tread depth depends on the axle. The depth should be no less than ______ for the steer axle, and _____ for any other axle.
To test hydraulic brakes, if equipped, pump the pedal 3 times and hold it. The pedal should not move:
In addition to inspecting regular external driving mirrors, school buses are equipped with mirrors specifically for:
When checking the air and electrical lines between the tractor and the trailer what should you be checking for?
Brake lines should be checked for?