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Start your 2021 north carolina CDL practice test now!

North carolina CDL Practice Test

2021 North Carolina CDL Practice Test

Our North Carolina CDL practice test based on the NC CDL manual will help you easily pass your CDL exam. It’s is a cinch a great career driving in The Tar Heel State. Then, if you want to drive a bus around Charlotte and make money, you’ll be required a North California commercial driver’s license (CDL). An application for class A, B, or C costs $15 per year with $3 per year for each endorsement namely passenger and school buses, tanker, hazmat materials, double/ triple, air brake restriction. After that, you have to answer 70 questions for class A and 50 questions for class B or C- plus more for any additional endorsement. Lucky for you, we have the North Carolina CDL practice test and cheat sheets that will help you to pass the test for the first time with flying colors. Our NC CDL practice tests were designed for your success, go ahead to the DMV office after doing the CDL NC practice test.

Who needs a CDL in North Carolina?

In North Carolina, drivers must hold a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) if they operate school buses, passenger vehicles transporting more than 16 people (including driver), or commercial vehicles that exceed a gross weight of 26,000 pounds or haul hazardous materials in amounts requiring placarding. 

At what age can I get a CDL license in North Carolina?

You must be sufficient of 18 years old to hold a CDL license and operate a commercial vehicle within North Carolina’s borders (intrastate). And, you are required to be at least 21 years of age to drive a commercial vehicle across state lines (interstate) or haul hazardous materials. 

How many questions are on the CDL test in North Carolina?

The North Carolina CDL general knowledge test consists of 50 multiple-choice questions, of which you have to correctly answer at least 40 questions (80%) to pass the test and take a Commercial Learner’s Permit (CLP). This test covers the content of the North Carolina CDL manual. 

How long is a CDL permit good for in North Carolina?

A North Carolina commercial learner’s permit (CLP) is valid for 180 days. It can be renewed one time which is also valid for 180 days. In addition, drivers must possess a CLP for 14 days before taking the CDL skills test. 

How do I get a CDL license in North Carolina?

To obtain a CDL license in North Carolina, you must pass all tests of the CDL exam including a CDL written test and a CDL road skills test. You are required to pass the written test first and get a CLP, then you can take the road skills test. 

What documents do I need to apply for a CDL in North Carolina?

You must meet a few requirements before applying for a CDL in North Carolina. First of all, you must already hold a valid driver’s license and have a spotless driving record. In addition, you have to submit a Medical Examiner’s Certificate and proof of your identity as a North Carolina residency, U.S citizenship, or lawful permanent resident.

What is on the North Carolina permit test?

To help you become a safer driver, the North Carolina permit will test your knowledge of trucking laws, speed limits, signals, traffic signs, right-of-way rules, vehicle inspection, and basic commercial vehicle safety. 

How much does the CDL license cost in North Carolina?

In North Carolina,  a standard CDL license costs $40. And, you have to pay $20 per year for Class A, B, and C licenses. Each endorsement added costs $4. 

How long is a CDL license valid in North Carolina?

A North Carolina Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) is valid for 5 years. And, you have to pay fees for CDLs and any endorsements on an annual basis. 

What does the North Carolina road skills test consist of?

The North Carolina road skills test includes three parts: a pre-trip inspection, a basic vehicle control, and an on-road skills test. This test is conducted on the streets and aims to test your driving skills in normal traffic situations such as stop/start, change lanes, turns, intersections, and so on. 

Can I renew my CDL online in North Carolina? 

The short answer is no. Before your CDL is about to expire, the DMV will send you a reminder card by email. You don’t have to bring this card with you to renew; however, you must bring your current or expired license with you to any driver’s license office. And, you have to renew your CDL in person. 

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