Free New York CDL General Knowledge Practice Test 2023

You are looking for actual practice for your coming CDL test? So you have come to the right place. Our NY General Knowledge Practice Test has the same questions as the real exam which is based on the NYC CDL Manual. Our CDL practice test pack covers most of the subject areas on the New York General Knowledge Test such as shifting techniques, railroad crossing safety, drunk driving laws, and much more to make you become a safer driver. In addition, each question has a detailed explanation that will help you understand the concept and answer future questions about it correctly. If you don't get the pass right away, don't worry, you can take this practice test an unlimited number of times to make sure you learn all the questions. Our NY CDL Practice Test will refine your driving knowledge so you can earn your CDL and start driving on the roads. Let’s take our practice test now!

Our CDL practice tests:
Based on 2021 NY commercial driver's license manual
Full answers + detailed explanations
Perfect for first-time, renewal applicants
NY CDL General Knowledge Test format:
50 questions
40 correct answers to pass
80% passing score
List of questions
Why should you try to move to your right when steering in an emergency?
Which of these statements about managing space to the sides is true?
Which of these is the best general rule for night driving?
You are checking your tires for a pre-trip inspection. Which of these statements is true?
On what day and time does a 14 hour rule violation occur?
Day 1

Day 2
In case of a fire, you should pull off the road and do all of the following except:
You are driving a 40-foot vehicle at 35 mph. The road is dry, and visibility is good. What is the least amount of space you should keep in front of your vehicle to be safe?
When securing an intermodal container on a chassis, what is the maximum allowable vertical travel when secured?
Which day below contains a violation?
Day 1

Day 2
What is a cab shield?
Proper fire prevention should include paying attention to all of these except:
Snow and ice must be removed from the radiator because otherwise:
When you are driving on a snow packed road, you should reduce your speed by:
You're loaded heavy with 1/2 tank of fuel onboard. Using the following numbers, where should you move the 5th wheel to get it setup properly?

steer axle: 12,300 pounds
drive axles: 33,100 pounds
Weight transfer: 500 pounds per hole
While driving, ice builds up on your wipers and they no longer clean the windshield. You should:
The total weight of a powered unit, the trailer and the cargo is called?
If you load cargo into the overhang portion of the trailer, what will be the result?
How many violations occur on the below example?
Day 1

Day 2
Rims with welding repairs or missing lugs:
As part of the log packing requirements:
To secure paper rolls with eyes horizontally against rearward movement, you can use which of the following except:
When securing concrete pipe loaded crosswise, arrange the top tier:
Steering wheel play should not be more than:
Drivers who have trouble sleeping at night, fall asleep at odd times, or snore loudly, gasp, and choke in their sleep should:
Most skids:
You weigh the truck immediately before and after fueling. Based on the following, determine what percentage of the weight goes to each set of axles:

Before fueling:

steer: 11,100, drives: 32,600, gross: 71,400

After fueling:

steer:11,850, drives: 32,850, gross: 72,400

You should try to park so that:
When stopping behind another vehicle, a safe gap to leave is one that:
What is the main factor that will limit how far back you can slide your tandems?
When exiting or entering on a curved freeway ramp, you should:
The proper time to cancel your turn signal for a lane change or turn is:
Which of these is true about hauling hazardous materials?
Based on the following figures, how much fuel can you legally add while remaining legal on the steer axle?

Load rating of steer tires: 6,150 pounds

Percentage of fuel weight to steer axle: 85%

Steer axle weight limit in states you're travelling: 20,000 pounds

Weight Before Fueling: Steer: 11,500, drives: 33,100, gross: 76,700

A key principle to remember about loading cargo is to keep the load:
High beams should only be used at a distance of:
When securing heavy vehicles, what is the minimum WLL of each tiedown?
What hours must your logbook show?
If loading and securing paper rolls on a second layer:
You are required to inspect your truck within how many miles after beginning the trip?
Working Load Limit (WLL)is defined as:
Which of these statements about engine overheating is true?
When a tiedown is attached directly to the cargo, what is the ideal angle where it attached to the vehicle?
Putting too much weight towards the rear may cause all of these except:
What is the minimum WLL used to block forward movement of cargo weighing 36,500 lbs?
How many reflective triangles are required to be kept as part of a trucks emergency equipment?
Some of the serious driving errors that can be caused by alcohol include:
You weigh the truck immediately before and after fueling. Based on the following, determine what percentage of the weight goes to each set of axles.

Before fueling:

steer: 11,450, drives: 33,100, gross: 76,700

After fueling:

steer:11,850, drives: 33,300, gross: 77,300

Which of these is the most important thing to remember about emergency braking?
Most good drivers will look ahead:
Improperly loaded or secured cargo: