Free New York CDL General Knowledge Practice Test 2023

You are looking for actual practice for your coming CDL test? So you have come to the right place. Our NY General Knowledge Practice Test has the same questions as the real exam which is based on the NYC CDL Manual. Our CDL practice test pack covers most of the subject areas on the New York General Knowledge Test such as shifting techniques, railroad crossing safety, drunk driving laws, and much more to make you become a safer driver. In addition, each question has a detailed explanation that will help you understand the concept and answer future questions about it correctly. If you don't get the pass right away, don't worry, you can take this practice test an unlimited number of times to make sure you learn all the questions. Our NY CDL Practice Test will refine your driving knowledge so you can earn your CDL and start driving on the roads. Let’s take our practice test now!

Our CDL practice tests:
Based on 2021 NY commercial driver's license manual
Full answers + detailed explanations
Perfect for first-time, renewal applicants
NY CDL General Knowledge Test format:
50 questions
40 correct answers to pass
80% passing score
List of questions
You can see a marking on a vehicle ahead of you. The marking is a red triangle with an orange center. What does the marking mean?
Turn signals facing the front should be amber or:
How many red reflective triangles are you required to carry?
What time does a 14 hour rule violation occur?
When starting a bus on a level surface with good traction there is often no need for:
You are checking your brakes and suspension system for a pre-trip inspection. Which of these statements is true?
Applying the brakes repeatedly on a downgrade to reduce speed 5 mph below your target is called:
Whenever you double your speed, your vehicle has about how many times of destructive power if it crashes?
A row of metal coils loaded with eyes lengthwise requires how many direct tiedowns over each side-by-side row or coil?
What is the aggregate WLL of one 7/15 inch Grade 43 chain, and three 5/16 inch Grade 70 chains?
In mountain driving you will have to use a lower gear to drive safely on a grade. Which of these does NOT affect your choice of gear?
How many on duty hours are remaining after the following has been logged (use a scratch sheet of paper if you need to):
- On duty/not driving: 3 hours
- Driving: 4 hours
- Sleeper berth: 8 hours
- Driving: 7 hours
- Off duty: 2 hours
A tank vehicle endorsement is required to drive tank vehicles with a combined capacity of:
Which of these are not part of the front pre-trip inspection?
Which of the statements about pre-trip inspection is true?
You receive a scale ticket and your drive axles are 35,700 and your trailer tandems are 30,600. Based upon a trailer with 4 inch slider rail hole spacings, what is the minimum number of holes you would have to slide the tandems to get the weight legal, and what would the final weights be?
When driving at night, you should:
What factor has the greatest affect on how much weight is moved per hole in the tandem slider rail?
Why should drivers avoid foreign objects in the road?
Adding or burning off fuel will mainly change the amount of weight on which axles?
The 14 hour limit can be extended by:
All of the following should be part of the engine compartment check except:
Cargo and securement devices should be checked within how many miles after starting a trip?
What affect will sliding the trailer tandems forward have on the weight distribution?
Drivers are generally only allowed to use cell phones or text in all of the following situations except:
What is the minimum securement requirement for paper rolls with eyes vertical with a width between 1.25 and 1.76 its diameter?
Specific suspension problems that drivers should look for include which of the following:
What is the minimum WLL required of tiedowns securing loaded intermodal containers on non-chassis vehicles?
When loading paper rolls with eyes horizontal, which of the following is not a requirement for stacking a second layer?
In addition to preventing engine freezing, proper coolant levels help:
What is the minimum allowable tread depth for every groove on the front tires?
Aggregate Working Load Limit is defined as:
What is the minimum requirement for securing roll-off and hook containers?
In case of a fire in the cargo area of a van or box trailer, you should:
The maximum allowable overall length for semitrailers is:
What should you do while turning?
Your vehicle has hydraulic brakes. While traveling on a level road, you press the brake pedal and find that it goes to the floor. Which of these statements is true?
Which of these statements about overhead clearance is true?
In Oregon, the maximum weight on the steer axle is listed as 600 pounds per inch of tire tread width up to 20,000 pounds. Your steer tires have a load rating of 6,150 pounds each and are 10 inches wide. What is the maximum legal weight your steer axle can carry in Oregon?
How many anchor points should be used to secure an intermodal container on a chassis vehicle?
Stab braking should not be used on vehicles with:
Given that general cargo securement requires a WLL of at least 50% of cargo weight, how many 11mm wire rope tiedowns would be required for a load of 26,000 lbs?
All of these are requirements for securing longwood lengthwise except:
Whenever you double your speed, it will require how much more distance to stop?
Sliding your trailer tandems toward the front or back of the vehicle will primarily change the weight distribution between which sets of axles?
The maximum number of encroachments allowed on a particular exam exercise is:
What is the minimum number of tie-downs to be used on flatbed cargo?
What is true about bad weather and driving conditions?
As part of their pre-trip cargo securement inspection, drivers should:
CDL drivers from New York State require the Metal Coils Endorsement when transporting metals coils weighing: