Free New York CDL Tanker Vehicles Practice Test 2023

In your opinion, what is the most important item to check on a tanker? Having good preparation on the CDL tanker endorsement test before you take the exam! We offer the CDL Tanker Practice Test as an effective way for you to prepare for test day. We have created a practice test that asks the same types of questions as in the real exam based on the Official New York CDL Handbook! Our questions cover tanker safety and inspection, emergency situations, weight distribution and bulkhead driving. All questions are formatted like the actual questions. The test is designed for you to have exactly the experience of the exam as you will be more familiar with both the test format and the subject. Each question comes with a detailed explanation. Don’t risk failing! Let’s try our Free CDL Tanker Practice Test today and pass your CDL endorsement exam!

Our CDL practice tests:
Based on 2021 NY commercial driver's license manual
Full answers + detailed explanations
Perfect for first-time, renewal applicants
NY CDL Tanker Vehicles Test format:
20 questions
16 correct answers to pass
80% passing score
List of questions
Which of the following is NOT required emergency equipment?
When you check the coupling ___________.
Tank vehicles must be purged of hazardous materials how far in advance of being inspected and tested, with documentation?
Before transportation, the carrier _________.
When driving a loaded tank vehicle, you should take curves:
Side-to-side surge can cause:
A traffic emergency requires you to escape to the shoulder or roadside. If possible, slow down to ____ mph before using your brakes.
If you are driving a tank, you should never drive with _______.
The operating oil pressure should be within what psi?
Side to side surge can cause _______.
The dividers that split some liquid tanks into several smaller tanks are called:
What is off-tracking?
The best way to stop any skid is to:
Tanks transporting food products are required to be unbaffled because of:
Which of the statements about emergency steering and tankers is true?
When does the ABS activate?
The movement of liquid in partially filled tanks is referred to as:
How many baffles are found in a smooth bore tank?
When driving a liquid tanker why should you take highway curves and on ramp/off ramp curves well below the posted speed limits?
What does column 1 of the Hazardous Materials Table indicate?