Free New Hampshire CDL Air Brakes Practice Test 2023

Do you need an Air Brakes endorsement or an L endorsement for your commercial driving license? The New Hampshire CDL Air Brake test has some differences from other endorsements because your license will receive a mark of restriction if you fail the test. So having good preparation before exam day is very necessary. To ensure that our questions are relevant, all of our CDL practice test packs are based on the NH CDL Manual. Each question has a detailed explanation for you to thoroughly learn the format and the topic. Don't be afraid of having a restriction on your license. Let’s try our NH CDL Practice Test to get ready to pass the New Hampshire CDL Air Brake Test now. 

Our CDL practice tests:
Based on 2021 NH commercial driver's license manual
Full answers + detailed explanations
Perfect for first-time, renewal applicants
NH CDL Air Brakes Test format:
25 questions
20 correct answers to pass
80% passing score
List of questions
An air compressor can be cooled by _______.
Modern air brakes combine three different systems. They are the service, the parking, and the _____ brakes.
Your truck or bus has a dual air brake system. If a low air pressure warning comes on for only one system, what should you do?
The driver must be able to see a low air pressure warning which comes on before pressure in the service air tanks falls below ____ psi.
Parking or emergency brakes of trucks and buses can be legally held on by ____ pressure.
Under normal conditions, in order to engage the parking brakes the driver should:
Brake fade is caused by:
When you release the brakes and reduce the air pressure what makes up for that air loss?
What type of brakes pushes a wedge between the ends of two brake shoes to stop the vehicle?
Some vehicles are equipped with a control allowing you to apply the spring brakes gradually, called a:
If you must make an emergency stop, you should brake so you:
If the spring brakes are on, when should you push the brake pedal?
What must the air pressure be, at minimum, in both parts of a dual air brake system?
Total stopping distance with air brakes is Perception distance + Braking Distance + Brake Lag Distance +:
Which of these is NOT a proper time to apply the parking brakes?
At what level will the low air warning usually take effect?
Brake drums should not have cracks longer than what length?
In a dual air brake system, if the air pressure in one part of the system drops enough to set off the low air warning:
The air tanks must be drained because:
Some vehicles are equipped with a separate air tank used specifically to release the spring brakes in an emergency, called a:
Why should you drain water from compressed air tanks?
If the air compressor has its own oil supply you should do what before driving?
The belt of a belt-driven air compressor should be ________.
What is proper braking technique for drivers travelling down a hill or any other downgrade?
Vehicles with air brakes have pressure gauges connected to the _______.