·This test will prepare you for the internal and external portions of the vehicle inspection exam, where you will be expected to be able to walk around your vehicle, touch items and explain to the examiner why items must be inspected before a trip.

List of questions
Items inside the cab you must make function in order to get credit for them are?
What interior lights do you need to check?
The battery and box and cover must be secure, generally free of corrosion, and:
The rear of the truck must be inspected for:
The steering wheel should be checked for?
The apron is the metal plate welded on the bottom of the trailer that gives the 5th wheel a smooth surface for vehicle connection. What should you check the apron for?
Not covering all areas of the air brake check during your exam:
When you check the Fuel tank you can also say you would check the same items on the air tanks. What should these two items be checked for?
On school buses specifically, which of the following should be checked?
Engine compartment belts should have play of no more than: