·This test will prepare you for the internal and external portions of the vehicle inspection exam, where you will be expected to be able to walk around your vehicle, touch items and explain to the examiner why items must be inspected before a trip.

List of questions
All of the following are part of the acceptable tire inspection process except:
Most 5th wheels are adjustable for weight distribution and turn clearance, these are called sliding 5th wheels, they have a release area that needs to be completely in and locked, and a locking mechanism. What locks the 5th wheel in place?
The first thing you should check or do when you sit in the driver's seat is?
Air and electrical lines should not be physically damaged or worn, and also:
Tire tread depth depends on the axle. The depth should be no less than ______ for the steer axle, and _____ for any other axle.
In addition to dash indicator lights, which external lights and reflectors should be checked?
Locking jaws should be:
Air chambers should be checked for?
The trailer frame should be free of:
The steering box should be checked for: