CDL license NC 2021

How to prepare for CDL license NC?

If you're wondering how to get CDL in NC, this article promises to give you anything you need to prepare for CDL license NC.

January 1, 2022

With the advancement of pre-existing laws that are designed to uplift the community regulations prior to operating certain vehicles, obtaining a driver’s license is downright an essential factor necessary to be considered. Getting one, however, can be complicated but through appropriate guidance, it will not become as hard as we initially thought. The eligibility and requirements may vary from one state to another. In this case, North Carolina will be our focused domain. If you’re wondering how to get CDL in NC, this article promises to give you anything you need to prepare for CDL license NC.

CDL license NC
CDL license NC


Necessary Documents to obtain CDL license NC

1. Proof of Age & Identity

Basically, you are necessitated to have two files proving your age and identity. These documents must disclose your full name (must have a middle name) and birthdate. Middle name is an essential factor to trace your lineage for empirical reasons.

2. Proof of Social Security
You must present a Social Security card.:

3. Proof of Residency

    • For U.S. citizens, two documents must be provided that prove residency.
    • For non-U.S. citizens, a document must be provided that indicates legal presence by virtue of the U.S. government.

4. Proof of Liability Insurance
Relevant documents must be shown entailing your liability insurance.

5. Proof of Clear Driving Record
Upon application, you must be verified accordingly through this criteria;

    • The current license must not have undergone suspension, disqualification, and revocation.
    • No more than one driver’s license must be credited in your name.

Minimum Requirements in Getting a CDL license NC

Take note: Having your own copy of the North Carolina CDL manual is an ideal start and must be taken seriously. Also, professional training must be realized to gain assurance for a CDL license NC

Applying for a CDL license NC is somehow similar to other states such that you must be at least 18 years old to have one (intrastate) and must be at the age of 21 for administrative business operations and other specialized endorsements. As such, aspiring applicants must already bear a validated driver’s license, may it be A, B, or C class. Consequently, in the same class or beyond it, a CDL license NC operator must escort the applicant in the front seat along with the pre-given endorsement and CDL authorization at hand. By federal law, a written CDL test must be taken, and must pass a driver’s skills test.

Additionally, pertinent skills must be honed along with improving certain driving skills to pass the CDL test’s driving skill chapter. You must also be able to exhibit basic to complex handles especially with loading and unloading trucks and trailers. AS simple as braking, parallel parking, backing, and doing right, left and U-turns must be properly demonstrated. It’s worth noting that there are few driving school programs in North Carolina. Taking a course may be tedious at times but it will grant you a broader perspective about road rules and regulations. But before taking one, make sure that such a program is accredited by the North Carolina state.

Other State Requirements

Like what was mentioned earlier, you must be legally in touch with the NC Department of Transportation. You must prepare yourself to be reassessed prior to a clean driving record. This record will be utilized by tracing your driving profile for necessary circumstances. Be aware, that they will look into your records if ever you have undergone certain law-breaking instances such as legal suspension and revocation of license.

Given the conditions, once the DOT doesn’t coincide with your presumed driving record, you may be requested for further documents which must gradually prove your proposition of an untainted driving record.

About DOT Medical Cards

Not only will you need to comply with the technical driving records but must also pass, or subjectively meet the health of a doctor to be credited with a DOT medical card. There are usually cases in which one cannot obtain a medical card due to geographical or personal reasons, but with that, you will have to converse with a representative of DOT such as an Exemption Review Officer. The process may take a while as they will check your eligibility in possessing a CDL license NC.

After submitting all required files and filled up certain papers, you are now given the chance to embark on the CDL written test. Be wary about the announced schedules of DOT prior to what location you may take the test. As a hint, this can be done to all accredited DOT licensing stations.  Be wary that the passing rate is 80% and must be answered for less than 2 hours.

Once successful in passing the written knowledge test, next will be the driving skills test which would evaluate your pre-existing driving prowess. It will include a time frame where you will be told to inspect the car you’ll be using and once done, the designated inspected will check your pre-emptive inspection. Given that idea, always check the condition of your vehicle for unexpected inspections. After the legal inspection, if your vehicle passes the evaluation, you will now take on a driving test in a particular distance to better assess your overall driving skills.  

Following the final full-drive test, you will be immediately informed either by email or personal deliberation either you passed the test or not. Take note that if you fail, it isn’t the end of the road. You can definitely retake the test in due course.

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