HAWAII - CDL Manual Book (2023)

If you think Hawaii isn’t the best place to pursue a commercial driving career, you are wrong. Like their brother on the mainland, Hawaii heavily relies on deliveries, or even more. Without male and female truck drivers, nothing could be delivered there. In addition, the trucking industry is slated to increase for the next several years, including Hawaii. Therefore, getting a Commercial Driver’s License in Hawaii at this time is an ideal option. To obtain a Hawaii CDL, you first need to study the Hawaii CDL Manual. On this page, we provide you with the latest version of the Hawaii CDL Manual. This CDL manual covers a lot of very important information you will be asked on the CDL exam including CDL general knowledge and requirements, combination vehicles, air brakes, tank vehicles, hazmat, double triples, passenger vehicles, school bus, vehicle inspections, and road skills tests. So, take time to read this Hawaii CDL handbook thoroughly and take our free Hawaii CDL practice test. You also can read more about the Hawaii CDL study guide on our website. Once you feel comfortable with those as well, head over to your local DMV, take your CDL test, pass it, and get a new career as a commercial truck driver in Hawaii!