Free Hawaii CDL Air Brakes Practice Test 2023

Do you need an Air Brakes endorsement or an L endorsement for your commercial driving license? The Hawaii CDL Air Brake Test has some differences from other endorsements because your license will receive a mark of restriction if you fail the test. So having good preparation before exam day is very necessary. To ensure that our Hawaii CDL practice test questions are relevant, all of our practice questions are based on the Hawaii CDL manual. Each question has a detailed explanation for you to thoroughly learn the format and the topic. Don't be afraid of having a restriction on your license. Let’s try with our CDL practice test to get ready to pass the Hawaii CDL Air Brake Test now. 

Our CDL practice tests:
Based on 2021 HI commercial driver's license manual
Full answers + detailed explanations
Perfect for first-time, renewal applicants
HI CDL Air Brakes Test format:
25 questions
20 correct answers to pass
80% passing score
List of questions
An automatic wig wag will rise out of your view when the pressure in your system rises above what psi?
If you do not have automatic tank drains, how often should you drain the oil and water from the bottom of compressed air storage tanks?
Excessive use of the service brakes results in overheating which can lead to:
To test the vehicle's service brakes, move the vehicle:
Emergency stab braking is:
Your truck has a dual air system and one of the systems loses its pressure. What will happen?
While applying the brakes, what tells the driver how much air pressure is being used?
If you must make an emergency stop, you should brake so you:
When you need to apply more pressure to help your brakes work normally effectively, this means that your brakes are fading. Which of the following can cause fading brakes?
When increased application pressure to maintain the same speed becomes necessary, you should ______.
When using a vehicle with air brakes, the parking needs to be used _______.
If the air compressor should develop a leak, what keeps the air in the tanks?
The safety valve reduces pressure at ___ psi.
The level at which the air compressor stops pumping air is:
Which of these is NOT a proper time to apply the parking brakes?
What tells the driver how much air pressure is in the air tanks?
To stop the vehicle, the brake shoes and linings are pushed against:
If your vehicle has an alcohol evaporator, every day during cold weather you should:
In order to make contact with the brake drum, the brake pads and linings are pushed outward by the:
Why does a heavily loaded vehicle need a longer distance to stop?
The braking power of the spring brakes ______.
During a normal drive, the spring brakes are held back by _____.
Vehicles with air brakes _________.
Manual air tank drains require:
What is the function of a safety valve?