Free District of Columbia CDL General Knowledge Practice Test 2023

You are looking for actual practice for your coming CDL test? So you have come to the right place. Our DC General Knowledge Practice Test has the same questions as the real exam which is based on the DC CDL Manual. Our test covers most of the subject areas on the District of Columbia General Knowledge Test such as shifting techniques, railroad crossing safety, drunk driving laws, and much more to make you become a safer driver. In addition, each question has a detailed explanation that will help you understand the concept and answer future questions about it correctly. If you don't get the pass right away, don't worry, you can take this DC CDL practice test an unlimited number of times to make sure you learn all the questions. Our tests will refine your driving knowledge so you can earn your CDL and start driving on the roads. Let’s take our free CDL practice test now!

Our CDL practice tests:
Based on 2021 DC commercial driver's license manual
Full answers + detailed explanations
Perfect for first-time, renewal applicants
DC CDL General Knowledge Test format:
50 questions
40 correct answers to pass
80% passing score
List of questions
You're loaded heavy with 1/2 tank of fuel onboard. Using the following numbers, where should you move the 5th wheel to get it setup properly?

steer axle: 10,800 pounds
drive axles: 34,700 pounds
Weight transfer: 500 pounds per hole
Which of these statements about stopping distance and speed is true?
You are checking your tires for a pre-trip inspection. Which of these statements is true?
What violation has occurred on the below log?

Sometimes you need to leave a road to avoid a hazard or emergency. When you do, you should keep in mind, that:
You are driving a 40-foot vehicle at 35 mph. The road is dry, and visibility is good. What is the least amount of space you should keep in front of your vehicle to be safe?
Which of these statements about certain types of cargo is true?
How many days are you required to keep your completed logs?
As a way to maximize all time available, you should always do the following:
A hook-lift container is:
A row of metal coils loaded with eyes lengthwise requires how many direct tiedowns over each side-by-side row or coil?
Which day below contains a violation?
Day 1

Day 2
An anchor point is defined as:
When you change your duty status, you must document all of the following except:
When you encounter a driver that appears to be distracted, you should:
If your brakes fail on a downgrade, you must first:
Overloading can have all of the following effects except:
You're in Illinois which allows up to 20,000 pounds on the steer axle. You're heading to Indiana which only allows 12,000 on the steer axle. Your steer tires have a load rating of 6,500 pounds each. What is the maximum legal weight your steer axle can be for each of the two states?
How current must your logbook be?
What is the Federal Standard for maximum weight on a tandem axle vehicle?
How many on duty hours are remaining after the following has been logged (use a scratch sheet of paper if you need to):
- On duty/not driving: 3 hours
- Driving: 4 hours
- Sleeper berth: 8 hours
- Driving: 7 hours
- Off duty: 2 hours
In case of which fires can you use water to put it out?
When driving at night, you should:
While driving through an intersection, you should:
A car suddenly cuts in front of you, creating a hazard. Which of these actions should you NOT take?
A chock is defined as:
How many violations have occurred on the below log?
Using controlled braking, brakes are applied as hard as possible:
When loading bell pipe on one tier, all of the following apply except:
A placarded vehicle must have how many identical placards?
How far should a driver look ahead of the vehicle while driving?
Based on the following figures, how much fuel can you legally add while remaining legal on the steer axle?

Load rating of steer tires: 6,150 pounds

Percentage of fuel weight to steer axle: 85%

Steer axle weight limit in states you're travelling: 20,000 pounds

Weight Before Fueling: Steer: 11,500, drives: 33,100, gross: 76,700

Option #3 for a single metal coil with eyes lengthwise requires:
Ways that drinking alcohol can affect the brain include:
When you see a pedestrian or bicyclist along the road you should:
Under normal circumstances, what is the maximum allowed width for commercial vehicles?
Your vehicle has hydraulic brakes. While traveling on a level road, you press the brake pedal and find that it goes to the floor. Which of these statements is true?
What is a pallet used for?
If you do not have a CB-radio, what procedure should you follow on an accident scene?
Which of these statements about tires and hot weather driving is true?
To determine blood alcohol concentration level for a person, it is necessary to know:
Using the following numbers for your calculations, how much weight will come off your drive axles?

Miles per gallon: 6

Miles travelled: 360

Percentage of fuel weight on drive axles: 30%
Sharp pavement drop-offs:
Which of these statements about staying alert to drive is true?
What is the minimum aggregate WLL for a group of concrete pipe weighing 16,000 lbs?
You weigh the truck immediately before and after fueling. Based on the following, determine what percentage of the weight goes to each set of axles.

Before fueling:

steer: 11,450, drives: 33,100, gross: 76,700

After fueling:

steer:11,850, drives: 33,300, gross: 77,300

The condition of all in-cab controls should be checked for:
On what day and time does an 11 hour rule violation occur?
Day 1

Day 2

If you are able to exert 200 pounds of force against an object but you are only exerting 50 pounds of force to do so, what method are you applying to make this happen?
Submitting fingerprints for a background check will be required for drivers applying for: