Free Colorado CDL General Knowledge Practice Test 2023

You are looking for an actual Colorado CDL practice test for your coming CDL test? So you have come to the right place. Our CO General Knowledge Practice Test has the same questions as the real exam which is based on the Colorado CDL manual. Our test covers most of the subject areas on the Colorado General Knowledge Test such as shifting techniques, railroad crossing safety, drunk driving laws, and much more to make you become a safer driver. In addition, each question has a detailed explanation that will help you understand the concept and answer future questions about it correctly. If you don't get the pass right away, don't worry, you can take this practice test an unlimited number of times to make sure you learn all the questions. Our CDL practice test will refine your driving knowledge so you can earn your CDL and start driving on the roads. Let’s get ready to take our practice test now!

Our CDL practice tests:
Based on 2021 CO commercial driver's license manual
Full answers + detailed explanations
Perfect for first-time, renewal applicants
CO CDL General Knowledge Test format:
50 questions
40 correct answers to pass
80% passing score
List of questions
To prevent a load from shifting, there should be at least one tie down for every ____ feet of cargo.
What violation has occurred on the below log?

Which of these statements about emergency steering is true?
Sometimes you need to leave a road to avoid a hazard or emergency. When you do, you should keep in mind, that:
Which of these statements about backing a heavy vehicle is true?
Which of these statements about certain types of cargo is true?
You are checking your brakes and suspension system for a pre-trip inspection. Which of these statements is true?
If the cargo is fully contained in a sided vehicle, what is the minimum requirement for withstanding sideways force?
After taking 10 consecutive hours off duty, a driver begins to work at 8:00 a.m. The driver may operate a commercial motor vehicle until what time?
A stack of shortwood loaded lengthwise can be secured with one tiedown if:
The distance the truck will travel between noticing a hazard and hitting the brakes is:
You are traveling down a long, steep hill. Your brakes get so hot that they have failed. What should you do?
You are starting your vehicle in motion from a stop. As you apply power to the drive wheels, they start to spin. You should:
Adding or burning off fuel will mainly change the amount of weight on which axles?
Rims with welding repairs or missing lugs:
A securement system must be capable of resisting how much lateral (side-to-side) force, at minimum?
A chock is defined as:
Backing into a space that is to the right rear of your vehicle is referred to as:
Who enforces HOS regulations?
Which of these is a good thing to remember about using mirrors?
Specific securement methods are required for boulders that:
A placarded vehicle must have how many identical placards?
Controlled braking is:
What three distances build up the total stopping distance of your truck or bus?
What are the two most common tandem slider rail hole spacings, and roughly how much weight is transferred per hole?
Drivers of trucks and tractor-trailers with cargo must check that the cargo is well secured within the first ___ miles of the trip.
Using 7 miles per gallon as your fuel mileage and 8 pounds per gallon for the weight of fuel, how much total fuel weight will you burn off in 210 miles?
Which of these statements about braking is true?
Which statement about EOBR's is true?
Ways that drinking alcohol can affect the brain include:
Which of these is not a type of retarder?
What is the WLL of a 1/2-inch Grade 70 tiedown?
If unsure of the exact location of the center of gravity of your cargo, where would you rather have the center of gravity located if you couldn't get it centered?
When you see a pedestrian or bicyclist along the road you should:
An ABS light that comes on or stays on while driving indicates:
Merging to the road is safest if you:
Which of these is NOT a danger of a rough acceleration?
The distance that you should look ahead of your vehicle while driving is about _____ at low speed.
Coming down steep, long, downgrades will require a driver to:
All of the following are true of alcohol EXCEPT:
What is true about bad weather and driving conditions?
Some of the serious driving errors that can be caused by alcohol include:
You weigh the truck immediately before and after fueling. Based on the following, determine what percentage of the weight goes to each set of axles.

Before fueling:

steer: 11,450, drives: 33,100, gross: 76,700

After fueling:

steer:11,850, drives: 33,300, gross: 77,300

When securing a paper roll with a width that is more than twice its diameter, which of the following is not an acceptable method of securement to prevent tipping?
Which of these is specifically prohibited when securing crushed or flattened vehicles?
Your trailer has a 6 inch hole spacing in the tandem slider rail and your trailer tandems are 900 pounds overweight. What is the minimum number of holes you will have to slide the tandems to get the tandems within legal limits?
Which of these is the most important thing to remember about emergency braking?
Working Load Limit (WLL)is defined as:
The pre-trip inspection should show that the exhaust system is _____.
When securing concrete pipe over 45 inches loaded crosswise, which direction must the tiedowns on the front half of the load run?