·This test will prepare you for the internal and external portions of the vehicle inspection exam, where you will be expected to be able to walk around your vehicle, touch items and explain to the examiner why items must be inspected before a trip.

List of questions
Next you should fan the brakes down to make sure all air brake safety devices are working, but what should you do before starting to fan the brakes?
External lights specific to school buses that drivers must inspect could include all of the following EXCEPT:
The kingpin is a cylindrical piece of metal protruding down from the apron, it has a base which is near the apron, shank or the narrow section of the kingpin where the locking jaws connect, and the head or the part furthest from the apron. What should you check the kingpin for?
Air and electrical lines should not be physically damaged or worn, and also ______.
What are the main components of the steering controls found in the engine compartment?
Minimum tread depth on all tires except steer tires is:
In addition to inspecting regular external driving mirrors, school buses are equipped with mirrors specifically for:
When checking the lights at the front of the vehicle what should you check for?
Air chambers are ______.
Minimum tread depth should be 4/32-inch on ______.