Passenger Endorsement NJ 2021

How to Obtain a New Jersey CDL Passenger Endorsement?

Endorsements will allow you to use a particular vehicle. Endorsement T will let you drive double and triple trailers, H for hazardous carrying vehicles, S for school buses, and N for tank vehicles. In this article, you’ll get to know about the Passenger Endorsement NJ for your existing Commercial Driver License. Check more details now!

January 1, 2022

When you finally get your CDL, Commercial Driver License, you can apply for any endorsements, and you can even upgrade your license class status. Aside from that, when you change your mind, you can always downgrade any time you want and choose a lower license class. It could be class A, B, and C commercial licenses or D and E. Also, most drivers who possess CDL need to apply for at least one endorsement.

Endorsements will allow you to use a particular vehicle. Endorsement T will let you drive double and triple trailers, H for hazardous carrying vehicles, S for school buses, and N for tank vehicles. In this article, you’ll get to know about the Passenger Endorsement NJ for your existing Commercial Driver License. Check more details below.

What is the Passenger endorsement NJ?

Passenger Endorsement NJ
Passenger Endorsement NJ

As previously mentioned, endorsements will allow you to drive a particular vehicle.

Hence, if you want to operate or drive passenger buses in New Jersey, you need first to have a Passenger Endorsement NJ in your updated Commercial Driver License. That’s why before you can officially start your job in a bus company, you need to process an application for this endorsement.

What are the requirements to qualify for CDL?

Before you can apply for a Passenger endorsement, you need to possess an updated Commercial Driver License. To do that, you have to meet the required qualifications. Firstly, you should be at least eighteen years old and above. The verification of your age depends on the set of documents you’re presenting upon application.

Besides that, you need to have a Class D driver’s license before applying for CDL. It’s the basic automobile New Jersey Driver License that will allow you to use common cars within the state. Also, since you’ll be driving a vehicle, you must have a good vision of 20/40 and 70 degrees of peripheral vision for both of your eyes, with or without eyeglasses.

Hence, to check if you qualify, you’ll undergo a particular vision test. By doing so, it’ll significantly help avoid any accidents in the future.

Moreover, being able to recognize different colors is necessary. It’s part of the requirements that you can identify green, red, and amber. These are the colors you can see on the standard traffic light. On top of that, aside from having a clear vision, you also need to be physically fit to drive a vehicle. You need to undergo and pass a medical test for you to receive a medical examiner certificate as part of the requirements.

Hence, if you’ve met all of these qualifications, you’re then good to go with the application for the Commercial Driver License.

Then, after receiving your official license, you can go ahead and process your application for the Passenger Endorsement NJ.

Thus, you need to follow another process for this application. You have to pass the Passenger Endorsement NJ test, comply with the requirements, and pay the necessary fees. After that, you’ll then get your Passenger Endorsement NJ.

What is the medical examiner certificate?

Passenger Endorsement NJ - medical examiner certificate
Passenger Endorsement NJ – medical examiner certificate

All drivers who possess a Commercial Driver License must submit a CDL Holder Self-Certification form and a valid Medical Examiner Certificate, especially if they’re transferring an out-of-state license or license renewal when expired. You need to carefully check the commerce categories you can find on the provided Self-Certification form and select one that best fits the vehicle type you’re driving.

Moreover, to receive a valid certificate, it must only be signed by a federally certified Medical Examiner. You can check the list of certified ones on the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners. It’s to ensure that you’ll get in touch with professionals who have valid credentials.

You also have to fill in the MEC form with the data and information legibly and completely.  It’s because any incomplete, illegible, or expired ones will automatically be rejected. The data fields you need to provide are Medical Examiner Certificate Expiration Date, Medical Examiner Signature, Date Certificate Signed, and Medical Examiner Telephone Number.

Moreover, you also need to provide the Medical Examiner State License, Certificate Registration Number, National Registry Number, and the Driver’s Signature. These are the details you need to fill in the form, and all of them must be valid and accurate to proceed with your application.

How to transfer your out-of-state CDL?

If you’re from another state and decide to move to New Jersey, you have to transfer your CDL within 60 days of your stay or before your existing license expires. There’s a particular process that you need to follow, which is quick and easy. Firstly, you need to visit a Driving Testing Center near your area to have your vision test.

Then, you need to bring with you your out-of-state Commercial Driver License documents. You also need to present the original copy of your medical examiner certificate form completed by a certified medical examiner. After that, you have to sign the CDL self-certification papers.

The next thing you need to do is purchase a CDL transfer permit and present your vision test results. Also, those who have HAZMAT endorsement need to pass a particular written test and submit their fingerprints for background check purposes.

Once done, you have to process the Commercial Driver License fee and other necessary licensing payments. There you have it! Your new Commercial Driver License in the state of New Jersey is now being processed. That’s the step-by-step procedure of transferring your out-of-state CDL. Hence, always remember these steps when you’re from another state and decided to move to New Jersey. 


As mentioned above, once you finally get your Commercial Driver License, you can always apply for any endorsements, depending on the vehicle type you use. Thus, if you want to apply as an NJ bus driver, you need to process an updated CDL and apply for a Passenger Endorsement NJ.

Otherwise, you’ll violate the traffic rules and receive corresponding charges. Hence, before these things happen, process your Commercial Driver License with Passenger Endorsement NJ by following the simple steps stipulated above before you start working in a bus company.

Let’s make the NJ passenger endorsement much easier to earn by taking the latest CDL practice test now!

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