cdl class a with n endorsement

How to obtain CDL Class A with a N endorsement?

An N endorsement allows a CDL driver to transport liquids of any kind. Let's read the article to get full information about it!

January 1, 2022

An N endorsement allows a CDL driver to transport liquids of any kind.

Although N endorsement is not absolutely necessary for all drivers, this endorsement on CDL indicates that its holder has enough advanced equipment and safety training in hauling liquids. That helps make sure that drivers hauling liquid loads have the degree of training needed to transport it safely and effectively across our roads.

Class A CDL is already so helpful to your career as a truck driver but with proper endorsement, you can level up your career more and more. CDL Class A with N endorsement is definitely useful and breaks the limit of the types of vehicle you want to drive. 

1. What is an N endorsement on a CDL license?

An N endorsement (tanker endorsement) is an additional certification that the driver of a commercial vehicle used to transport bulk liquids must have on his/her CDL, which certifies that the CDL owner has advanced training in hauling liquids.

Truck drivers are required to get a tanker endorsement (N endorsement) in order to haul large loads of liquid cargo.

N endorsement is required if you intend to haul 1,000 gallons or more of liquid or gas cargo.

cdl class a with n endorsement
cdl class a with n endorsement


2. Class A endorsements overview

2.1. Types of CDL Class A endorsements

 There are 6 types of endorsements for CDL Class A 

H Endorsement: Required for vehicles loading hazardous materials.

  • A written knowledge test is compulsory.

N Endorsement: This allows you to run tank vehicles.

  • Requires an additional written knowledge test.

P Endorsement: Permits you to run a vehicle that carries over a specified number of passengers (the exact number may depend on your state).

  • Written knowledge AND road skills tests are mandatory.

S Endorsement: This allows the operation of a school bus.

  • Requires a written knowledge AND road skills tests.
  • ALSO requires separate application forms, fees, and background checks. 

T Endorsement: This permits you to tow a double or triple trailer.

  • An additional knowledge test is required

X Endorsement: Combination endorsement for HAZMAT and tank vehicles.

  • A written knowledge test is required.

2.2. CDL Class A with N endorsement

Class A CDL is the class that already allows you to drive many types of vehicles.

However, even if you transport smaller containers holding liquids within a truck, you are still required to get an N endorsement CDL. Many drivers just do not know that they need a CDL Class A with N endorsement, and a driver can get put out of service if they needed to have an N endorsement but didn’t.

3. Is CDL Class A worth having an N endorsement?

3.1. CDL Class A

Frankly, getting your CDL Class A and becoming a truck driver is an excellent career move. 

It is necessary to check with your state and/or the Department of Motor Vehicles to determine what type of endorsement you need, especially if you want to transport different materials and products.

3.2. CDL Class A with N endorsement

As mentioned above, CDL Class A is already good enough for a Commercial Driver to run vehicles but it is obvious that a CDL Class A with N endorsement will level up the driver’s career so much.

In reality, a tanker driver earns an average of $64,000 per year.

If you want to level up your career as a truck driver, getting an N endorsement CDL is a simple step to expand your load-carrying career so you can haul more and take on better-paying loads. 

Thus, the smart move is to go ahead and get the tanker endorsement on your license as soon as possible if you plan on loading any significant volume of liquid and gaseous material, hazardous or not. 

The process of earning an N endorsement CDL is extremely minimal compared to the consequences of being caught without it!

4. How to add N endorsement on CDL Class A?

In order to be eligible to apply for a CDL with an N endorsement, you must complete the following:

4.1. Requirements

  • You must be at least 18 years of age.
  • You must hold a valid US passport or a valid residential status.
  • If you don’t have a CDL at all, you have to earn a valid CDL before applying for an endorsement.
  • You must pass an eye test and also take a current photo at the DMV.
  • You have to pay any application and training fees.
  • You must clear each of the tanker and hazardous material tests separately before getting an endorsement.
  • You must own a Commercial Class B or Class A type license to add a Tank Vehicle Endorsement (N Endorsement CDL).

4.2. Steps

Below is a detailed step-by-step guide, which would help you a lot in registering an N endorsement CDL.

Step 1: Have a valid CDL (class A, B, or C) including all needed tests such as eye exam, self-certification,…

Step 2: Visit the CDL Manual to know what you have to learn

Step 3: Study and practice for the Written Tanker endorsement CDL test

Step 4: Take and pass your theory test

Step 5: Successfully obtain an N endorsement CDL

cdl class a with n endorsement
cdl class a with n endorsement


5. Practice

Although you can take your test as many times as needed, you may not want to spend more time and money than necessary by re-taking your test again and again. 

So, it’s definitely important to obtain an N endorsement CDL that you practice a lot in order to get the highest score possible.

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Let’s make N endorsement CDL be no longer such hard to earn! 

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