The Benefits Of Getting Custom Sleepers For Semi Trucks

Custom sleepers for semi trucks are often considered indispensable items for most truck drivers during the process of driving on the road. Let’s follow this article to discover more about this item.

December 28, 2021

OTR truckers often spend a parcel of time being away from their family and staying in their truck. Nowadays, most of the cabs are planned with different sorts of living and resting space so truckers are comfortable amid long periods of time driving on their semi-truck. Custom sleepers for semi trucks have now been considered a second house for numerous truck drivers, and several drivers select to be away from their traditional house and choose to construct custom sleepers for their own semi-trucks for the purpose of serving their demands.

Learn what custom sleepers for semi trucks are, what types of features they have, and how to stay comfortable during the process of driving the semi-trucks on the road.

What are Custom Sleepers For Semi Trucks?


Numerous OTR truckers have their own sleeper cabs, but there’s still a significant contrast between a standard sleeper and a custom sleeper for semi trucks. Custom sleeper cabs can be made to fit an assortment of ways of life and suit your personal demands whereas you’re not living in your real house. Custom sleepers can incorporate an assortment of highlights such as cooking spaces, queen-sized beds, cooking spaces, lavatory civilities, expensive ice chests, and many other options for you to freely choose.

  • Kitchen sink
  • Kitchen counter space 
  • Storage for recreational vehicles
  • Full washroom with shower and toilet
  • Navigators
  • Mobile dining table
  • Microwave 
  • Couches or sofas
  • Expanded capacity space 
  • Floor lighting 
  • Overhead lighting 
  • Television or projectors
  • Burners for the stovetop 

Custom sleepers for semi trucks are often considered a second home for lots of truck drivers, and a few indeed select to swear off conventional homes completely in favor of a custom sleeper and a life on the open street. A few truckers indeed take their families with them to encounter the everyday life of a trucker. For these individuals, a custom sleeper with more highlights and civilities can make a full-time life on the street more pleasant. Moreover, if you wanna have trucker dogs as your driving company, a custom sleeper is necessary!

What Is The Length Of a Sleeper Cab?

Whereas conventional sleeper cabs are created and designed in around 36,” other innovative types of custom sleepers can up to 230” or indeed 268” for the purpose of providing truck drivers with more comfort. This type of custom semi truck sleeper is more like living in a recreational vehicle than within the back of a commercial truck. The length of a custom sleeper cab can change significantly and truly depends on your demands and financial ability whereas you’re driving on the street.

In case you’re a daily truck driver and have the opportunity to come back to your house each night, it seems that you won’t require any kind of resting region in your cab. In any case, in the event that you’re traveling for such a long period of time, do group driving, or simply go on a journey together with your family, a custom sleeper for your semi-truck may seem to be more comfortable and meaningful.

How Much Do Custom Sleepers For Semi Trucks Cost?

How much your sleeper is will truly depend on whether you’re building from the ground up or growing an existing cab. In case you as of now have a sleeper cab you’ll change over your current cab into a custom sleeper cab for approximately $10,000 to $20,000 on normal. A change to a huge 230-inch custom sleeper for semi-trucks will cost you up to $140,000. An ordinary change takes you a period of time fluctuating from six weeks to three months.

In case you don’t have an existing custom sleeper cab and are acquiring a  completely new semi-truck with a custom-created sleeper, it is possible for you to look at a cost tag closer to $200,000 or $300,000 on average. The sort of customization you are doing truly depends on your demands, your financial ability as well as what your cost focuses are for your own semi-truck.

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Custom Sleeper Trucks Suppliers

There are numerous diverse companies to select from in case you’re looking to buy a custom sleeper semi-truck. Several companies for you to consider incorporate: 

  • ARI Bequest Sleepers 
  • Indiana Custom Trucks (which is often called ICT for short)
  • Custom Studio Sleepers  
  • Powerhouse Coach
  • AA Truck Sleeper LLC 

It is also possible for you to carefully consider acquiring a utilized truck with a custom sleeper cab to spare yourself a little cash, whereas still getting civilities bigger than a conventional sleeper cab.

Should You Buy or Rent Custom Sleepers For Semi Trucks?

Whether you choose to rent or purchase your truck depends on your budget, what your long-term driving objectives are, and what highlights you need for your custom sleeper cab. Renting a custom semi-truck sleeper will nearly certainly be more costly on a month-to-month premise, and you’ll need to choose which truck you’d like to rent from the existing stock. You won’t be able to customize your cab exceptionally much. However, in case you arrange to overhaul your truck each several years so you continuously have a more current vehicle, renting may be a good choice for you to consider.

In case you have to select to buy a custom sleeper cab, it is possible for you to have the right of choosing the custom highlights that you need and require to possess whereas you’re driving on the street. It may indeed fetch you less in month-to-month installments in case you buy a certain type of vehicle, depending on the cost of the truck and the term of your advance. Weigh your alternatives when it comes time to select the correct vehicle for you and don’t be afraid to shop around and see what you discover. You’ll indeed discover a utilized custom sleeper cab that works flawlessly for you and optimize your financial status by and large.

Do Semi-Trucks Have Beds?

Most OTR trucks nowadays are equipped with types of sleeper cabs. In case you have got a custom sleeper cab, you’ve got a few sorts of beds. This comes in handy when you have to drive in several days or indeed several weeks on the street. However, since sleeper cabs have beds doesn’t mean that all types of custom sleeper cabs are made the same. A few beds are twin-sized, and group drivers may indeed have a bunk bed set-up.

Custom sleeper cabs are awesome since they are customized for the sort of bed you wish to get. In the event that you are a husband or a wife, you will need a queen-size bed to serve your personal demand. Getting a custom semi-truck sleeper permits you to form room for a bigger bed in case you’d like to.

Can Truck Drivers Sleep In Their Trucks?

Custom Sleepers For Semi Trucks 1

Numerous OTR truckers spend days driving on the road and getting away from their house, whereas daily drivers can have the opportunity to come back home each night. Whether you may rest in your truck depends on what sort of truck driving work you are doing and who you select to work for. A few companies give resting conveniences for overnight drivers. Be that as it may, most OTR drivers that spend days or weeks driving continuously on the road have a comfortable sleeper cab and rest in their own semi-truck.

In reality, not only do numerous semi-truck drivers rest in their trucks, but they also have the responsibility to cook, eat, unwind, and appreciate their personal time off in their own vehicles (semi-truck for details). A few indeed have lavatory conveniences to make living on the street simpler and more comfortable.

How Can Truckers Stay Warm During The Night?

Remaining in your custom sleeper cab could be helpful, but it’s not common sense to keep the motor running all night whereas you rest. So how do you remain warm in colder months, or whereas driving in colder climates? A few drivers take off their motors in greatly cold circumstances to anticipate startup issues, and a few trucks indeed have programmed motors that close off and start-up to warm the cab, but for numerous truck drivers, maintaining the status of warm amid the night in a cold climate will be a real challenge.

Below are several incredible tips for keeping the chill away whereas you are resting in your own custom sleepers for semi trucks. 

  • Have a Space Radiator: A little space radiator that employments an outside control source won’t murder your battery and will assist you to remain warm amid the night. Be beyond any doubt to utilize it securely. 
  • Use Your Truck Radiator: Before resigning for the night and closing off your motor, impact that radiator and make your resting space as warm as you’ll be able. It’ll offer assistance to keep your cab hotter all while you are staying through the cold night.
  • Have a Warmed Sleeping Cushion: There’s nothing superior to slithering into a warm, cozy bed when the temperature plunges. A warmed sleeping pad cushion can make your bed pleasant and warm. 
  • Have a Resting Pack: When it comes down to it, one of the most excellent ways to form beyond any doubt you don’t solidify in your truck is to keep a heavy-duty resting sack on hand. Resting packs are too great in case of a crisis.
  • Get a Great Blanket—or Covers: A great down comforter can offer assistance to trap warmth and is hotter against your skin than a resting sack. Including additional covers or keeping them on hand is never an awful thought either.
  • Regularly Assess Your Vehicle: Making beyond any doubt your vehicle is in great condition amid your pre-trip reviews will assist you to dodge any motor issues that may lead to being stuck within the cold night.

Choosing Custom Sleepers For Semi Trucks

Custom sleepers for semi trucks can make the life of truck drivers on the street less demanding and more pleasant, particularly in case you travel with family or do group driving. In spite of the fact that these custom sleepers are more costly than standard sleeper cabs, on the off chance that you take up the life of a trucker and spend your own time on the street, they may be well worth the cost that you’ve paid for that. Whether you get a custom sleeper truck is up to you. Consider carefully your demands and financial ability before buying your custom sleeper cab, at that point hit the street!

These are a few pieces of information as well as recommendations for semi-truck drivers before deciding to get your own custom sleepers for semi trucks. We hope that you can successfully choose the best sleepers that fit your demands and ability.

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