ARKANSAS - CDL Manual Book (2023)

It’s easy to see why Arkansas state slogan is “The Natural State”, this state has a strong economy of farming and manufacturing. So, commercial truck drivers play a vital role in keeping this state running. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Arkansas is one of the top ten places to join the commercial truck driving industry based on the availability of jobs and salary, so becoming a commercial truck driver in Arkansas is a smart business move. To get your Arkansas CDL and start your career, studying the Arkansas CDL manual is the first step you need to take. On this page, we provide you with the latest version of the Arkansas CDL Handbook. This Arkansas CDL manual helps you to become a successful trucker and keeps you, your cargo, and others you share the road with safely. All questions you will be asked on the CDL exam are taken directly from this handbook, so take time to read Arkansas Commercial Driver’s License Manual carefully. You also can learn more about the Arkansas CDL study guide as well as take our free Arkansas CDL practice test 2021 on our website. Once you feel confident with your knowledge, you can head over to the Office of Driver Services to take your written exam, pass it, and then start to become a great commercial driver of Arkansas!