Free Arkansas CDL General Knowledge Practice Test 2023

You are looking for actual Arkansas CDL practice tests for your coming CDL test? So you have come to the right place. Our AR General Knowledge Practice Test has the same questions as the real exam which is based on the Arkansas CDL manual. Our test covers most of the subject areas on the Arkansas General Knowledge Test such as shifting techniques, railroad crossing safety, drunk driving laws, and much more to make you become a safer driver. In addition, each question has a detailed explanation that will help you understand the concept and answer future questions about it correctly. If you don't get the pass right away, don't worry, you can take this practice test an unlimited number of times to make sure you learn all the questions. Our CDL practice test pack will refine your driving knowledge so you can earn your CDL and start driving on the roads. Let’s take our practice test now!

Our CDL practice tests:
Based on 2021 AR commercial driver's license manual
Full answers + detailed explanations
Perfect for first-time, renewal applicants
AR CDL General Knowledge Test format:
50 questions
40 correct answers to pass
80% passing score
List of questions
Which of these statements about managing space to the sides is true?
How many red reflective triangles are you required to carry?
When securing concrete pipe over 45 inches loaded crosswise, which direction must the tiedowns on the rear half of the load run?
When driving vehicles with ABS, braking:
All of the following are requirements for dividing vehicles over 33ft except:
Weight transmitted to the ground by one axle or one set of axles called:
You are inspecting hydraulic brakes. You should pump the brake pedal three times then apply firm pressure to the pedal for five seconds. If the brakes are working properly, the pedal should:
You are checking your brakes and suspension system for a pre-trip inspection. Which of these statements is true?
Hazmat placards are what shape?
You weigh the truck immediately before and after fueling. Based on the following, determine what percentage of the weight goes to each set of axles:

Before fueling:

steer: 10,200, drives: 31,300, gross: 71,700

After fueling:

steer:11,000, drives: 31,500, gross: 72,700

All lights and reflectors should be operating properly, clean, and:
To stop a drive-wheel skid, you should:
On an accident scene, if a qualified helper is present you should:
Commercial drivers are allowed to hold CDL's in how many states at the same time?
In mountain driving you will have to use a lower gear to drive safely on a grade. Which of these does NOT affect your choice of gear?
Why should drivers always be looking for hazards?
All of the following are key parts of the steering system except:
You receive a scale ticket and your drive axles are 35,700 and your trailer tandems are 30,600. Based upon a trailer with 4 inch slider rail hole spacings, what is the minimum number of holes you would have to slide the tandems to get the weight legal, and what would the final weights be?
A female housing fixed to the side or ends of a vehicle to receive a stake or peg, and may also be used as an anchor point is a:
Why should drivers avoid foreign objects in the road?
If you load cargo into the overhang portion of the trailer, what will be the result?
A tiedown is defined as:
What is a reusable, transportable enclosure that is especially designed with integral locking devices that secure it to a container chassis trailer to facilitate the efficient and bulk shipping and transfer of goods by, or between various modes of transport, such as highway, rail, sea, and air.?
Your vehicle is in a traffic emergency and may collide with another vehicle if you do not take action. Which of these is a good rule to remember at such a time?
The object of the pre-trip inspection is:
In addition to preventing engine freezing, proper coolant levels help:
When loading a trailer, if the cargo is loaded all to the rear, it may result in:
What is the cargo's center of gravity?
Which of these statements about braking is true?
How far should a driver look ahead of the vehicle while driving?
Should brake adjustment be checked often?
Your log must include all of the following except:
Based on the following figures, how much fuel can you legally add while remaining legal on the drive axles?

Percentage of fuel weight to drive axles: 30%

Weight Before Fueling: Steer: 11,275, drives: 33,750, gross: 77,220

Can state inspectors inspect your truck or bus?
How many anchor points should be used to secure an intermodal container on a chassis vehicle?
Mirror adjustment can only be checked accurately when:
One option of positioning bundles of building materials is:
Backing your vehicle in a straight line without crossing over or touching the exercise boundaries is called:
When driving with ABS, remember:
Putting too much weight towards the rear may cause all of these except:
HOS regulations were designed to do all of the following except:
What violation occurs in the example below?
Day 1
What is bell pipe concrete?
A driver will generally be required to have a DOT medical card in order to drive which of the following:
When securing building materials, how many tiedowns are required for top tier bundles longer than 5 ft?
What is the minimum number of tiedowns to use on a load 4ft 7in long, and weighing 1,237 lbs?
You receive a scale ticket and your drive axles are 35,400 and your trailer tandems are 31,100. Based upon the two most common tandem slider rail hole spacings, what is the minimum number of holes you would have to slide the tandems to get the weight legal, and in which direction?
Which of these is true about mirror adjusting?
What is the minimum number of tiedowns required through the eye of a metal coil loaded crosswise?
Which of these is the most important thing to remember about emergency braking?