·This test will prepare you for the internal and external portions of the vehicle inspection exam, where you will be expected to be able to walk around your vehicle, touch items and explain to the examiner why items must be inspected before a trip.

List of questions
To inspect the Apron/Kingpin/Gap area, all of the following apply except:
All of the following are part of the acceptable tire inspection process EXCEPT _______.
You must check the coupling devices for general damage, missing parts, and functionality of all of these except:
The 5th wheel has a release arm built into the side of it, it automatically locks the jaws around the kingpin when you connect the vehicles, but it can be pulled out to release the locking jaws for uncoupling. What is the correct position of the release arm when the vehicle is coupled?
Before doing the pre-trip examination, drivers must have passed all applicable endorsement exams, as well as:
All of the following are true of drum brakes except:
When checking for air system leaks in a combination vehicle, with brake applied air loss should not be:
When checking the lights at the front of the vehicle what should you check for?
Pedals should be checked for which of the following?
Emergency equipment should be include spare fuses, a fire extinguisher, and: